Feel free to call us to talk about a custom bow  517-617-3658. It's a 9 month wait at this time for a custom order. 
The order form below is for reference only to show some of the many options available on a custom order.

                                            St. Joe River Bow

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Order Date____________   Completion Date Est. ___________       Serial Number______________


Classic Recurve 58”-64” ______   Base price $749      Classic Longbow 58”-64” _______Base price$699


Torrent Recurve 54”-56” ______   Base price $749      Torrent longbow 56”-60”_______Base price $699


Interim Recurve 54”-58” _______Base price $549       Interim longbow 56”-58” ______Base price $499


Lil Rapids Longbow 46”-48” ____ Base price $175    Big Rapids Longbow 50-54”_____ Base price $200


Base price includes domestic wood riser and domestic limb core wood with colored glass.


Right Hand ______  Left Hand______   Dual shelf add $50_______ Poundage @ Draw_____@______  


Riser Woods _____________________________Exotics and Composites are extra $. Call for pricing


Standard 3 or 5pc.______     7 or 9 piece add $20 _______      Lateral Stripe________________


Fiberglass  Clear add $50 ____ Brown_____ Black____ Red _____ Green_____ Carbon add $160______


Limb Wood___________ Exotic veneer add $40-80_____ Staining $30______RiverCamo add $50-80______


Two Piece Take Down:  Bow Bolt System $250.00   ________  Hinge  $175.00_____________


Uniweft Color: Black,  Red    Bamboo/Yew core add $50____ Carbon inner layer add $80  ______


Tip Style: Teardrop    Arrowhead     Color_______ Striped_______  Buffalo horn $30 ______


Grip Style  Low____ Medium____ High $20______Swager ______Asbell$20_____ Send samples $30______


Overlay  plain_____ striped______ none______      Tillering  Split ________3under_________


Bow tattoo prices vary depending on design________________________________________________


Thunderbird finish   Flat____ Satin____ Gloss add $40_____   Compton Emblem add $10___________


Finger savers $6______Silencers $7.00________Stringer $16.00_______T-Shirt $25-28___________


Extra String$22.00 ____ Tip Protector$4.00 _____  ½ doz.Youth arrow 24” ~$25____ 26” ~ $45_______

Custom Knife made from wood matching bow riser and a 4” Helle Blade    $100.00__________________


Name____________________________________  Email______________________________________


Address_____________________________________________   Phone__________________________


_________________________________________  Zip __________  Total Price _________________ 


CC#______________________________________ Exp. Date____________ Sec . Code______________

We try to accommodate special requests if we can. Call and let’s talk about it. All orders must be accompanied by 50% down payment.  50% of down payment is nonrefundable if order is cancelled. We will give an approximate completion date. The final payment must be received before shipping.