G2 Whitetail series Jacket Size L Brown Deception

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G2 Whitetail series Jacket Brown Deception  Size L

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The Predator Camo G2 Whitetail Jacket delivers an extremely quiet and durable 400-wt bonded polyester construction, hard-faced fleece shell and Predator’s durable water-repellant finish to help protect against sudden drizzle and stains. High-pile Sherpa® fleece lining forms an impenetrable barrier to wind and counter-sunk knit cuffs with thumbholes offer further protection from the elements. Well-placed front venting allows you to regulate body temperature.
*Quiet, durable polyester hard-face fleece shell
*Durable water repellent finish
*Warm high-pile Sherpa® fleece lining
*Front venting to help regulate body temp
*Counter-sunk knit cuffs to keep cold out